Locksmith Berlin

Have you locked yourself out of your home and do not know what to do? We are one of the best emergency Locksmith you will ever see. We can help you, no matter in which emergency and at what time. Locksmith Berlin offers a 24-hour locksmith service. Within 10 – 30 minutes we reach our customers.

Emergency Locksmith

We guarantee at any time cheap and reputable locksmiths. All costs for a door opening are discussed in advance. At the Locksmith you always have an overview of the costs and therefore experience no nasty surprise. Only when you agree with the price do we start to work. If you are looking for a locksmith Berlin, we are the place for you. We offer super cheap locksmith work. All our locksmiths are very fast and professionally trained.

Locksmith in all Districts for you

We are have 12 districts with a total of 4 million inhabitants. No customer is too far away for us, because we have numerous mechanics scattered all over the German capital. After your call, a mechanic will be on the way to you as soon as possible to remedy the situation.


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For people with some manual skill, we recommend keeping a thin plastic card under the doormat or in any other accessible location. With the piece of plastic can often open a door within a few seconds and a costly locksmith does not have to be requested. If a door opener plastic card is used correctly, the latch in the lock can be pushed aside; by simultaneously shaking it on the door, it simply springs open at the right moment. But it can also happen that more damage is done by the improper door opening, for example, if the seal shifts the door and thus makes it much more difficult to open a door.

Your Locksmith just in Case

At any time, an emergency can suddenly arise which makes immediate assistance from the Locksmith necessary. It is particularly bad if a child is locked in the apartment or the stove is still switched on. Whatever the problem, we help you quickly in every Situation. As short and fast as possible, fixed packages and a fair billing keep prices stable and let rip-off no chance. Even if they use the emergency service at night, on Sundays or on public holidays, only a flat rate will be charged.

  • 24 Hour Locksmith
  • Lock cylinder exchange
  • All locks supplied & fitted
  • security technology
  • Door emergency opening
  • Car Locksmith Service
  • Boarding & Burglary repairs
  • Friendly locksmiths, reliable and trustworthy service

Our Company offers certified Locksmith Services

We can process all locksmith requests up to professional installations of security technology. Our professionals are trained for emergencies of all kinds, whether in the car, at home or in the shop. We deal very quickly with all your key and lock problems. Locksmith offers outstanding customer service with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We open the latest locks and security Systems. The Locksmith technicians are state-of-the-art and can easily install all new locksmith products that are available on the market today. Appropriate training is provided every year by our technicians to ensure the high safety standards of our customers. We offer our customers a 100%, fast and friendly service at a reasonable price. We are not only the first address in emergencies, but also duplicate all other concerns around keys, lock, fitting & security.

It is never too late to prevent burglary and theft with safety technology recommended by us. Especially in a capital like here, it is worthwhile to install the right alarm system for the protection of your own home. For assemblies of high-quality reporting technology you can order us. We recommend a wireless wireless alarm system.

In order to avoid usury price at the Locksmith Berlin, we can always advise only to advance the emergency number of a cheap key service in the phone to save, so you are not cheated by Locksmith Berlin. But even by simply attaching a sticker in the mailbox with the number of a locksmith of your trust can be sorrow and worry effectively counteract, because in an emergency so can throw the emergency hotline through the mailbox slot. Such locksmith stickers are available free of charge. Just talk to us.

Bad are old door locks with broken cylinders. Anyone can pull them out with pliers to open the door. Modern locks mounted on exterior doors and windows provide optimal security against unauthorized entry. With our technology for door and window burglars remain in front of locked door. Germany happens every 3 minutes somewhere a burglary. Therefore, be careful as indulgence! A reasonable backup is available for just about any purse. Locksmith Berlin comes to your home to look at the place of protection exactly, because only then Locksmith Berlin can make a respectable cost. Our inspection and advice at your home is free.

Car closed?

Many drivers know the situation that the car keys have been lost or the key is still in the vehicle. The car opening is no problem for the Locksmith Berlin, because we are very familiar with it and like to open the vehicle door, of course, without damage! Just call us and we will come to you to solve the problem.

Safe opening